Should high school students be able to work a half day?  I believe that high school students that have completed their basic courses and have enough credits should be able to join the work force.  This will enable them to become responsible adults by going to school for a half a day and working the other half.  Also, this will give them an opportunity to starting learning to become financially responsible.






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Abortion should be illegal in the United States, but only under certain circumstances should it be legal.  Abortion in the United States has been legal since the 1973 Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision, but the effective availability of abortion varies significantly from state to state. This case declared most existing state abortion laws unconstitutional. This decision ruled out any legislative interference in the first trimester of pregnancy and puts limits on what restrictions could be passed on abortion in later stages of pregnancy.(abortion history).  Abortion is one of the most contested issues in U.S. society, law and politics.(wikipedia)

In the United States, abortion laws began to appear in the 1820’s, forbidding abortion after the fourth month of pregnancy.  Through the efforts primarily of physician, the American Medical Association, and legislators, most abortions in the US had been outlawed by the 1900.(abortion history) By 1965, all fifty states banned abortion, with some exceptions which varied by state: to save the life of the mother, in cases of rape or incest, or if the fetus was deformed. Groups like the National Abortion Rights Action League and the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion worked to liberalize anti-abortion laws.(abortion history)  A woman who becomes pregnant due to an act of either rape or incest is a victim of a horrible violent and reprehensible crime.  In most cases her mental health as a result of this is best safe guarded by abortion.  The pregnancy caused by rape or incest is a result of a grave injustice reminding the woman of the violent crime and increase her mental anguish.  It is concluded that abortion is justified in these cases.(abortion justifiable)

Unintended pregnancies account for almost half the pregnancies.  Four out of ten pregnancies end in abortion.  Out of the total number of pregnancies, 24% end in  abortions.(abortion facts) Women ages 15-44, two out of every hundred have an abortion.  Of these, 48% have had one or more abortions previously.  They state that they are not able to continue the pregnancy and give birth due to negative impact on the mother’s life, financial instability and relationship problems and/or the unwillingness to be a single mother.(abortion facts)

Pro-life is advocating the legal protection of human embyos and fetus by outlawing abortions on the ground that it is the taking of a human life. Some people believe that a human life should be valued from fertilization or implantation until natural death.  Pro-choice is advocating a woman’s right to control her own body.(wikipedia) Belief that pregnant women should have free, or relatively free access to abortion.

 In my opinion abortion has been debatable for decades, I believe that abortion should be illegal but only for the sake that a woman or girl has been a victim of rape or incent.  I do not think that abortion should take place when a woman and man are having consensual sex and then she or he decides they do not want to parent the child.  I also do not think that women should be penalized for aborting a child under the right circumstance.


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Spartacus Blood and Sand is a tale of a Thracian warrior, forced into slavery, reborn as a Gladiator. The classic tale of the Republic’s most infamous rebel comes alive in the graphic and visceral new series, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand.”  Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus is condemned to the brutal world of the arena where blood and death are primetime entertainment.  But not all battles are fought upon the sands. Treachery, corruption, and the allure of sensual pleasures will constantly test Spartacus.  To survive, he must become more than a man.  More than a gladiator.  He must become a legend!

In titling its new series “Spartacus Blood and Sand,” the Starz network can not be accused of false advertising.  There is blood, and lots of it, buckets of it, waves of it, sea of digitally enhanced candy-apple-red comic-book gore, spilling, spurring, hurtling across and toward the screen as bodies are stabbed, slashed, sledgehammer and various dismembered.   There is sand too, but you don’t notice that so much.(Lloyd 2010)

Even after the first episode it’s clear that this is the most violent and bloody show ever to appear on cable television.  Limbs are severed in the epically brutal final fight of the series premiere, a sliced neck pulses with bright red blood and the 300 style slow motion fixation on key events that every drop of ruby-red liquid gets ample screen time.(West 2010) 

These fight sequences are overwrought with violent intentions, but they lose much of their meaning by the fifth or so time you see them.  Spartacus uses a desaturated color palette except for the blood, and it is indeed shocking to see how vividly detailed each sword strike is displayed.  Until you are just used to watching it.(West 2010)

Despite all the silliness occurring throughout the first few episodes I watched it’s clear that nothing is an accident in Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  A man telling another that he “smells like a woman” is treated with the same gravitas as if Jack Bauer had failed to save the day.  Spartacus ties a ribbon around his wife’s thigh so that she’ll keep him close to her while he’s away at war.  It’s all ridiculous, but in a deliciously enjoyable way.(West 2010)

I really enjoyed this movie.  It was very interesting.  The series certainly give a sense of the rawnes of Roman times, and while one of the great civilizations of antiquity, one is struck by the paradox between what is civil and what is brutal.  Everything from sex to war, from the power so tenuously held by the Romans to salvage life from the gladiator, offers us a front row seat into the Roman time.

This series has everything in it that keeps an audience hooked, action, sensuality, humor, and a great story line.  This movie was truly impressive, the hot and spicy scenes nobody is telling you to watch this movie with your kids.  If you are under 18 don’t watch it ok!    About the blood and gore scenes maybe a little bit exaggerate with the full screen of blood, but it is not so disturbing this stuff is what make this movie truly realistic.  So I give Spartacus two thumbs up.  I can not wait for season two.

In conclusion, I am never cease to be amazed at comments concerning sex and nudity caused by our puritanical values.  We always try to force our views on history.  Sex is the biggest hang-up we have as Americans and we seem to never be able to get beyond our narrow views to appreciate the fact that in history as well as other places in our world, it is no big deal.


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I am apart of a team of committed professionals who provide unparalleled real estate expertise in the DFW metro area.  I put my clients and customers interest first and serve them with the utmost honest, trust and integrity, striving to exceed expectation in all aspects of our relationships.  Our objective is to help you sell or buy your home at the best price with the most favorable terms that the market will bear and to do this as quickly as possible.  The highest compliment that you can give a realtor is a referral of your family and friends.

A speaker from HUD came to our Keller Williams office to give pointers on what they do and explain the Fair Housing Act.  I tried everything to get out of this monthly meeting.  I thought I already knew about the Fair Housing Act and the Amendment so I was not interested in listening to Ms. Jones boring presentation.  Ms. Jones went on to say when this act came about and why.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental and financing  of  dwellings and in other housing related transactions, based on race, color, national origin, religion , under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodian,  pregnant woman, and people securing custody of children under the age of 18 and handicap (disability).

The next week I had phone duty and a young lady called looking for a rental property for her and her mother that was handicap.  I set up the meeting for that afternoon.  I started looking on the MLS for lease properties in the Plano area close to her job.  I found the perfect property  a 2300 square feet house with 3 bedrooms, a large family room, with a lovely updated bathroom that was wheel chair accessible.  I immediately contacted my client to let her know the good news.  Of course she was elated with the news and anxious to see the property.  I told her we will try to meet after she got off of work to look at this property.  I then proceeded to contact the listing agent to make sure the house was still available and she said it was.

My client and I pulled up to the house and the owner of the house was there.  I introduced myself and client and he had this puzzled look on his face.  I went to explain to him that my client was interested in leasing his house.   This gentlemen informed us that the property had already been leased.   I knew where this conversation was going by the tone of his voice.  I  stayed professional and said “thank you and have a nice day.”  I contacted the listing agent to inform her of what just transpired with me and the owner of the house, and how offended I was.

Just as I was talking a “light bulb” went off  in my head and I started quoting articles from the Fair housing Act and that I was going to turn this over to the HUD  office for investigation.  I was amazed at what I was saying with the correct information.  Nevertheless, I found my client a nice home in Plano close to her job and a shopping center.  She was so happy that she referred a co-worker to me that was looking to sell her house and upgrade to a larger home.

The moral of this story is sometimes you don’t understand why you have to do something that you don’t want to do,  not knowing its opening another door.

Why Is The Divorce Rate So High In America?


Why is the divorce rate so high in America?  It is frequently reported that the divorce rate in America is 50%.  This data is not accurately correct, however, it is reasonable close to an actual fact.  The American Divorce Reform estimates that probably 40 or possibly even 50 percent of marriages will end in divorce if current trends continues.

What are we teaching our children that is our future?  Each year over 1 million American children suffer the divorce of their parents.  According to the Federal Reserve Boards survey of Consumer Finance only 42%  of children age 14 to 18 live in  a first marriage family.  I believe that devastating physical, emotional and financial effects of divorce on children will last well into adulthood affecting future generations.

This will lead our children to think that they are at fault.  The children are more likely to have behavioral and emotional problems, crime and drug abuse.  Divorce children have a higher rate of suicide.  Also, they have higher drop-out rates and lower rates of college graduates.

Children need happiness in their lives just like we do.  Children can also learn from their parents about how relationships should look and feel.  If all they hear is yelling and fighting or in some cases no communication at all between parents, the silence can be just as destructive.  Then they start to believe this is how a marriage should be.

So you want to know how our children are affected by divorce?  The answer is not simple; one of these reasons are why our children are affected by divorce.

  1. All divorce is almost always stressful for children.  Most children do not want their parents to separate.  Parents who do a good job managing the stress of divorce for children  are surprised by how quickly they make the adjustment.
  2. Divorce clearly increases the risk that children will suffer from psychological and behavioral  problems.  Troubled children are particularly likely to develop problems with anger, disobedience and rule violations.
  3. Self esteem – they may believe that they did something wrong that made their mother and father divorce.
  4. Painful memories and ongoing worries about divorce, their relationship with their parents and their relationship with each other.
  5. Abandon – fears both parent will leave them.  In addition  the absence of one of their parents can make the child feel extremely lonely.

What can we do to save our children? Putting the meaning of marriage back into prospective.  Marriage meant something back in the day, are we showing our children if you can’t get along then just get a divorce without thinking of the consequences of their behavior?

Some children are affected more by divorce than others.  However, all children will be affected by divorce.  The things that parents do and do not do will greatly impact exactly how much a child is affected by the divorce.  In addition, the childs gender, age, psychological health and maturity will also affect how divorce impacts a child. 

Dissolution of marriage, separation or annulment cancels the bond between a man and woman. 


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Farewell to a great brother

Anthony Romero Crayton was born on February 2, 1968 to Robert Thomas and Ruby Lee Crayton at Baylor Hospital In Dallas, Texas.  On July 4, 2010 he unexpectedly passed away in Brazil on the beach drinking a Margarita.  He accepted Christ at an early age at Greater Mt Hebron Baptist Church in 1979 under the leadership of Rev. Horace Lee Crayton.  Anthony was a member of the Choir and served on the Deacon Board.

He graduated from Business Management Center High School in 1984 where he was class president, prom king, captain of the football team and the #1 running back in the country.  He was a member of the Debate team and among the Who’s Who’s of America.   Upon leaving high school he started his military career in the U.S. Navy to become an officer.  His first duty station was the U.S.S. Whilbey Island (LSD41) where he served as Captain from 1989-1991.  Anthony went on to serve as Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Soul Brother Cad 32 from 1991-1994.  After decommissioning the ship he went on to command the Atlantic Confleet 7 at the Pentagon from 1994-2000.  After leaving the Pentagon, Anthony joined the United States Air Force where he flew F16 Falcon Fighter Jets.  While serving with the 900th Fighter Wing he flew over 120 missions during the Iraqi Freedom War dropping sidewinders and missiles.  He flew over 10,000 hours during his career.  He ended his career as a 6 Star General in June 2006.

In 2006 he opened a million dollar trucking company called Monet Express.  He hauled freight from coast to coast. There was never a time when you needed him to haul something for you that he was not there.  He was a caring, giving and thoughtful employer whom always looked out for his employees. 

He leaves to cherish his memory, his wife LaRonda Crayton of 40 years; two daughters, Monet Crayton and Gabriel Union; two brothers Larry Crayton and Kenji Crayton both of Grand Prairie, Texas; two sisters, Vivianne Crayton and Vivica Fox both of Dallas, Texas; four grandchildren, Jalen Bradley, Chris Brown, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence and host of nephews, nieces, relatives and friends.  We will always remember him as a warm, kind, generous, ambitious, funny and loving person.

I am free

Don’t grieve for me for I’m now free

I’m following the path God laid for me

I took his hand and when Iheard him call

I turned my back and left it all

My life came in the evening and beautiful to see

The captain was King Jesus and he beckoned to me

I ran across the street and fell down at his feet

He gently took me in his arms; my rest is now complete

Lift your heart and share with me God wanted me now

He set me free!

Anthony was proud to be a part of the military and in his honor please make donations to the United States Military Family Center.

Services will be held at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Saturday at 12:00.  At his request please wear your jersey.